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As a trusted salon for Deva Curl in Sydney, we have a very important role and that’s to embody their philosophy. Our stylists are here to help you on your hair journey and with the use of amazing DevaCurl products, we can do exactly that.

We know that there is so much more to hair than just needing it cut and tamed. Your hair is an extension of who you are, and we want to help you style it in a way that reflects your personality. By loving every curl on your head, you’ll have a new lease of life and feel more confident than ever before.

As well as giving you exceptional treatments, we make sure you feel welcome and at home when you visit our DevaCurl hairdresser in Australia. Nothing is more important to us than creating a community of curls and empowering everyone to embrace their natural beauty. Read More

Welcome to Deva Curl Sydney, Australia

You can forget about sulfates, parabens, and silicones when you have a DevaCurl stylist to help you treat your hair without stripping away the natural oils that you need for it to look happy, textured and beautiful.

As well as being free from harmful chemicals, they’re also gluten and cruelty-free too! For over 25 years, DevaCurl has been using ingredients that have a conscience so you can rest assured that your treatment has a positive impact on the world around you.

Hydration is the key to healthy curls and by using a scientifically formulated moisture foundation in every single product, your hair is sure to feel healthy, soft, and frizz-free. We never stop looking for new and innovative ways to help your curls look their best.

What is a DevaCurl Hairdresser?

A DevaCurl stylist is a stylist that not only uses DevaCurl products, but they also support the values and philosophy of the DevaCurl brand. Whether you have waves, curls, or coils, we want you to love your hair and treat it with only the very best products.

With all DevaCurl products, the key ingredient is you. By getting to know your needs, story, and lifestyle, they have developed products to enhance not only your curls but also your life. As a representative of Deva Curl in Sydney, we’re part of a large curl community who are committed to changing the mainstream view of curls and helping those who have them, wear them with confidence.

Perhaps the most exciting product that DevaCurl is known for is its pioneering alternative to traditional shampoo. This product is the first of its kind. By removing all the nasty stuff that can damage your curls, they have completely revolutionised the way we treat curly hair.

Meet our Trusted DevaCurl Stylists

If you want to start using products that are specifically tailored to your curls, look no further than our DevaCurl hairdressers in Australia. We have everything you need to achieve healthy, defined, and volumised curls.

Call us on (02) 9318 0698 and discover the amazing things that DevaCurl products and our curl specialist can do for you and your hair.

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