Dry Haircut Salon For Curly Hair

Waves, curls, and coils are always on the day’s agenda at Rumbie & Co dry cut hair salon. We will never try to squash your curls because we believe it’s time to embrace the natural beauty of your hair. Curls of every shape and size are a blessing. They give you volume, texture, and personality. With our professional curl treatments and advice, we can help you fall back in love with your curls. Read More

Dry Cut Hair Salon for Curly Hair

We offer a range of services to help you achieve your hair goals. Smoothing, extensions, styling, colours, even dry haircuts for curly hair. There is no curl too big or too small for our stylists to take on. Whether you just want an expert opinion, a trim or a whole new do, we have years of experience with curly hair and know exactly how your unique hair type needs to be treated.

When it comes to curls, it’s definitely not one-size-fits-all. We know how each wave, curl or coil needs to be looked after to reach its full potential. If you’re tired of trying to tame your hair and are ready to embrace its natural beauty, we can help you achieve a maintainable, salon-quality look every single day.


Why Choose a Dry Haircut for Curly Hair?

You might be wondering, what makes a dry haircut for curly hair so different to a wet hair cut? We’re so glad you asked. It’s no secret that each curl or coil on your head has its own weight and tension that you can’t see when it’s weighed down by water. A dry cut allows us to cut each individual ringlet to the desired length.

By cutting curly hair when it’s dry, you can ensure that the length of the curls complement one another and fall into a shape that complements you. This method shapes your hair based on its unique texture, so you get a style that lasts longer, resists frizz and looks effortlessly beautiful every single day.

When hair is cut dry, you’re able to see it transform with every snip and control the end result. When hair is cut wet, you have to use a bit of guesswork, especially with curly hair. And once the hair has come off, there’s no putting it back on! Dry cuts for curly hair are the way forward if you want to avoid surprises and have a look that is natural and maintainable.


Book a Dry Haircut for Curly Hair Today

Coming to Rumbie & Co is like going to visit family. We’re a close community of curly-haired women that want to empower each other to embrace the hair they were born with all while working in keeping with its natural weight and texture.

The highly experienced curl specialists in our salons will assess your hair’s current health and ensure that the treatments we offer will maintain or improve the condition of your hair to where you’re happy with the results. Call our dry cut hair salon today on (02) 9318 0698 and book a consultation or appointment.

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