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Relaxed, texturised or keratined…

Curly hair is still at the core curly hair. Treat with TLC.

Relax and know your curl

Though your hair may be naturally curly, for versatility’s sake, the curl has been loosened making it “easier” or quicker to straighten your hair or wear a looser curl.

Our skilled team respects the choices of the curly girl or guy and will help you with educated options, tips and products for healthy straightened hair (yes that is a thing).

Straightened hair maintenance is easier than you think or have possibly thought or than society has conditioned curlies to think.

Our curl experts can help you and when in doubt or too far from our Sydney flagship salon, think of balancing hydration + strength, and you will not go wrong until your next curl specialist visit. Use our trusted product ranges from Embrace For Every Curl, TGIN and Jane Carter Solutions. Your locks will thrive without a shadow of doubt.


Looking to revert back to your natural texture? Walking away from constant heat, constant keratin and or chemically straightening your hair? Aka transitioning? We have got you and best of all, you have options.

Option 1: Is to either go for the “BIG chop” (just cutting off all the straightened hair in one go).


Option 2: For a less drastic approach, if you are unsure, your straightened hair can be trimmed over weeks or months. This season is seen through with a lot of protective styling (braids, twists, weaves, cornrows, curly updo’s), tying up of hair, headscarves and hats.

Either way our team at Rumbie & Co will be more than happy to guide around how to best transition.


  • Hair appears loosly curled than natural texture or straightened

General rule

  • Always moisturise, moisturise, moisturise your chemically treated hair
  • Deep conditioning regularly
  • Protein treatments regularly (except with keratin treated hair)
  • Protective styles can useful during transitional phases
  • Minimise using heat to the hair
  • Treat hair like fine silk. Cleanse gently, detangle softly
  • “I feel empowered to embrace all of myself and educated about my natural hair, what it needs and how it ought to be treated.”

    Chelsey CJ S.
  • “Rumbie & Co always makes me feel welcomed and it’s like I’m chatting with friends. From the moment you walk in until you leave, the professionalism and sound advice has definitely made my natural hair journey all that easier to handle. I’ve searched far and wide for a hairstylist that knows how to handle my hair type and since coming to Rumbie & Co, I have never looked back!”

    Ellie S.
  • “Very lovely staff and Rumbie is especially gorgeous! Gave me great advice on maintaining curly hair and the cut was superb.”

  • “Very welcoming environment from Rumbie her staff and her clients, Professional service from start to finish after care hair advice was easy to understand and to implement, im embracing my natural curls thanks to Rumbie and her staff after years of neglect Rumbie has brought life back into my hair and her recommendation of hair products are amazing and affordable. THANK YOU!”

  • “I visited Rumbie & Co for my 1st haircut in several years & couldn't be happier with the result. It was the most stress-free haircut I have ever experienced. Thankyou Rumbie for providing such a beautiful environment and being gracious and confident in your skills - as well as understanding of the hair experiences that have brought clients like myself to you. My expectations were well & truly exceeded & I would highly recommend this salon.”

  • “This woman is a wonder with dreads. My locs are always pristine after my appointment and they stay looking so sharp for the whole month. She is wonderful to be around too. Such positive vibes. Her salon is always a fun place to be. With so many interesting people coming through. This place is a real sanctuary for everyone especially people of colour! Yeah you could find cheaper but you will find no better. Not in Sydney. Perhaps not even the world...I (and my dreads) thank you!”

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