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As curly girls (and guys) know, finding a frizzy hair salon that really knows how to help your curls is a lifesaver. Too often, curly hair owners are let down by hairdressers who do not have enough experience dealing with the specific issues that curly hair has – from dryness and frizz, to rough and coarse, brittle strands.

Rumbie and Co are different. We are curly hair specialists that work with our clients to help them on their curl journey. With no judgement, we will help you achieve your hair goals – whatever they may be. We are a friendly and knowledgeable texture hair salon run by stylists that know all the challenges you face with your curls.

Since 2015 we have focused on creating a community of curl lovers, armed and empowered with information and advice in the techniques needed to get the best out of curly hair. We know that every curly girl (and guy) deserves a good hair day every day – so it is our personal mission to help you make that happen. Read More

Frizzy Hair Salon for Australia’s Climate

Heat and dryness are the cause of your frizz. While you may not be able to do anything about the climate, you can take action to help increase the moisture of your hair – and it does not need to be a long daily ritual either.

One of the best ways you can improve the moisture of your hair is to ensure that you keep your own moisture levels up. Drink plenty of fluids to help hydrate your body and your hair will love you for it! When you need to style it come to our frizzy hair salon.

Every hair type can be prone to frizz, but curly hair can be the worst. Give your hair the moisture it needs with specially selected creams, gels, and foams – our team can help you find the product that is best for you.

If you have wavy, type 2 hair, you will benefit from using lightweight curl defining products – giving you curl definition, movement, and bounce without weighing your hair down and losing precious volume.


Texture Hair Salon You Can Trust

For curly hair that comes under type 3, texture becomes more prone to frizz and that is where a knowledgeable texture hair salon like Rumbie and Co can really make a difference for you and your hair. As curls become thicker, the level of moisture your hair will need increases – when your curls are tight corkscrews with the average diameter of a straw or a pencil, you need to think about deep conditioning hair once a week. Speak to the team to find out the best products to use – we can find you the simple solution.

Afro hair, curl type 4, is actually the most fragile and prone to breakage. Dryness and frizz do not have to be an everyday occurrence – think about adding some thicker natural emollients to your hair care routine like mango or shea butter, as well as potent leave-in moisturisers.

No matter your curl, our team can help you achieve your dream style and love your hair again.


Book a Consultation with the Curl Experts

Visit Rumbie and Co today and start your curl journey with us. We will support and empower you to learn all about your hair and how to make the most of it; we will show you that curls can be versatile and you don’t have to live with frizz!

Our salon is a community, and you can become part of it. Discover your true style and love your curls with Rumbie and Co – call us to book a consultation today!

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