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If you are lucky enough to have a head full of curls, you have probably found that your usual hairdresser in Chippendale has struggled to give you the look you want. You might have had to deal with comments about it being difficult to work with, or even unmanageable. You have probably left the salon despairing at the list of products and methods you are required to use to tame your mane. You might have resigned yourself to the fact that the only way to keep your curls under control is to wear braids or scrape them into a bun. Read More

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Rumbie and Co are here to tell you that it does not have to be that way. As a curl specialist hair salon in Chippendale and beyond, the team at Rumbie and Co have worked with curly girls (and guys) to help them on their curl journey so that all our clients can love their curls.


Rumbie & Co Hair Salon Chippendale – Your Style, Your Way

Rumbie and Co are not your typical salon. Unlike any other hairdressers in Chippendale Sydney, Rumbie and Co want you to be happy with not only your style and service while in the chair, but also happy with what you need to do to maintain it.

Many curly haired people become slaves to products and methods that claim to solve all your hair woes. Multiple products, conflicting information and lengthy routines lead to confusion and despair – who really knows what works for your specific hair type?

A curl specialist like our founder, Rumbie Mutsiwa, that’s who. With experience comes knowledge – and we want to share that knowledge with every one of our clients. We are not purists; we do not demand that you style and care for your hair in one way – because all curls are as unique as the women and men who wear them.

Instead, we empower our clients to make their own decisions, providing you with techniques and styles that are simple to follow, combined with amazing curly hair product brands. The brands we partner with are not about our gain – we choose to use them because we know they work. That is our reputation, and the ethos of Rumbie and Co. We promote Togetherness, Respect, Upliftment and Empowerment in our hair salon in Chippendale for both clients and staff.


Get To Know Your Curls At Our Hairdresser in Chippendale

There are many curl textures – some on the same head – and we work with the system that was first introduced by Andre Walker (Oprah’s hair stylist). He came up with a curl typing system, and this has been tweaked by hair stylists around the world to come up with the ultimate grading.

If you want to learn more about the different curl types in depth, then look at each section (Wavy, Curly and Afro) to find images of each subtype.

Whatever your hair type, when it is curly it needs a specialist. That is why, as a specialist hairdresser Chippendale men & women recommend, Rumbie and Co are relied upon by all curly girls (and guys). Not only do we know hair, but we know and understand what is needed to get the absolute best out of your curly hair – so you can love your curls.

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