Rumbie & Co Spotlight: Charmaine Bingwa

A Star Is Born. Find out how this Zimbabwean/Australian actress is enjoying the versatility of her afro hair and lighting up a trail in the acting business.

If you didn’t know about Charmaine Bingwa, you are welcome ;). Seriously, she’s one to watch out for. this star,

  • was awarded the prestigious 2018 Heath Ledger Scholarship, judged by Oscar-winner Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Elizabeth Debicki, Rose Byrne, Carmen Cuba, Jeremy Podeswa, Gregor Jordan and Lorenzo di Bonaventura.
  • Most recently she starred alongside Monica Bellucci in Nekrotronic that premiered at Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Charmaine also received the 2018 Equity Atlantic Award by the Australian.
  • She starred, wrote, produced & directed an award-winning series Little Sista (Best Screenplay at the LGBT Toronto Film Festival) which now streams on international streaming channel Revry.
  • The star received critical reception not only for her award-winning series Little Sista, but for her German-Australian LGBT short film Stille Nacht, which premiered at Academy© Qualifying and BAFTA Recognized film festival Flickerfest.  

This girl is on fire and in all her busyness, she’s taken time out to share on her journey to stardom and maintaining her afro hair.

As an Aussie, why was it important for you to move to LA?
Australia is a great country, but for the type of roles and projects I want, there was really no option but to be over in the US. Because it’s a larger size industry, it means there is more of everything on offer. In the past few years in Australian television has started to become more diverse, with shows like The Family Law and Cleverman – so I hold out hope that the breadth of storytelling will continue to increase.

What do you want Charmaine Bingwa to be known for?
Masterful work, huge range, brilliance both behind and in front of the camera, having a big heart and generosity of spirit.

Any advice for upcoming Australian actors who look up to you?
Just really to remind yourself that anything is possible for you too. Work hard and stay the course.

What Aussie paraphernalia do you miss?
I miss the food, so much! Especially Messina ice cream, nothing beats it.

I miss our hair appointments, your tenacity is to be envied. Do you remember our chats? Anything stand out to you? (pressure but no pressure haha)
I remember always coming in with a script in hand and talking to you in a US accent, but I remember particularly coming to see you after you very kindly came and watched Doubt: A Parable, a play I was in not once but twice. You commented that my work paralleled Viola Davis. It’s no wonder I’m having success with people like you in my corner. I always remember you being very encouraging, so thank you.

I’ve watched you enjoy the versatility of your afro hairstyles. From blonde hair, balayage, longer hair, the LOB, the BOB, weave extensions, lace weaves and lace wigs, dark hair, curly hair, your natural afro hair, the red hair, and now, (absolutely love the short pixie crop btw). how do you manage that?
As an actor, it truly is a gift to me to be able to convincingly manipulate my image. Ultimately you want to be able to disappear into roles. So I’m grateful for the visual versatility.

What do you do to maintain the pixie look?
Outside of the regular hairdressing appointment, in my experience, the shorter the hair, the smaller the maintenance! So I’m truly loving how it doesn’t take too much care at all. I need minimal product, it’s just set and go.

Catch up with @charmainebingwa on Instagram and Twitter.

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